1.    Why not get your staff involved as volunteers.

We regularly hold large environmental projects that groups can help us with such as our ongoing work in the Broomwood woods.

These events can also be used by your company as a team building exercise to increase staff morale.

As well as the above, its great fun as well!

2.    Your Company could make a one-off donation.

This will allow you to gain the kudos of supporting the community where your business is based, along with all the good publicity this would bring you.

And of course, throughout the process of any support you may give to G-Force we would acknowledge your companies input in all our literature and press releases.


Finally, we are proud to say that G-Force is an organisation that delivers and has a reputation locally for putting the community first – we are the ideal community partner for any socially minded business in Trafford and further afield.

3.    You could become a regular supporter.  

This would allow a more complimentary and long term relationship with G-Force, opening up the possibility of arranging a mixture

of all the above.

4.    Join our corporate sponsors in the '100 Supporters Club'

Membership involves making a regular minimum donation of no less than £50 per month towards our work. In return we would accredit this support on all our literature, send you regular newsletters detailing our activities, look at possible joint projects between yourselves and ourselves and would welcome you to join us on any projects or productions that you would like to attend.

As well as this you, and up to three guests would be formally invited to our Annual Young Persons Awards Ceremony where you would be one of the guests of Honour.  

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Working Together For A Better Community

65 Briarfield Road



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Tel: 0161-980-2879

G-Force - a potential community partner for the socially conscious Company


G-Force is a non-profit making charity and as such has to raise all the funds required for its on going work

If you feel that your company would like to support what G-Force are doing for the children, young People and older in the Timperley and surrounding communities, there are various ways that this can be done.

Registered Charity No. 1110767

Currant Trustees

of G-Force 


Mr. Anthony Battie

Mr. Lesley Hailes

Mr.John Lee    

Mr. Philip Moody

Mr. Nicholas Sterling