Environmental Work

From the very start G-Force placed a very high value on environmental work recognising the educational and social benefits attainable for the Children, Young People and Adults as well as the

Volunteers who get involved.


The very first project G-Force did was a clean up in a local area of woodland, and to date, we still hold regular events in these woods.


Over the years the changes that this has brought about are fantastic. The woods being opened up with 100’s of metres of new footpaths having been created, tons of rubbish been removed and thousands of wild flowers  planted. This has brought new life and colour to these woods as well as encouraging lots more visits by residents and children, adding a sense of real community, and  ownership with the added feeling of safety and security this brings.


In fact, the woods are now seen by the community as a real community resource where as before they were full of litter, and a haven for youths setting fires, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs.  


The work in the woods has truly become a real intergenerational project giving everyone the opportunity to join in and help as well as bringing benefits for the whole community.  Best of all, the children & Young People are seen by the other residents doing something positive and making changes for the betterment of the whole community.


This environmental work has also developed into other areas in Altrincham as G-Force have become a major partner in the yearly "Altrincham in Bloom" project, helping the Friends of Brookes Drive as well as doing lots of other high profile environmental projects locally.


All those involved in this work should be rightly proud of the difference they have, and continue to make.

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