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Fashion Design

Sexual Health


Fashion Shows




& Daughter course starting soon!!!

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Our Girl Zone includes loads and loads of fabulous activities.

From fashion design workshops to sexual health courses and as well as style school sessions.

Our Girls Project is a fantastic 8 week work course put together by G-Force and "Take Two Style School".


The girls learn Makeup tips, new hairstyles, general grooming advice, dance classes, acting lessons, photo shoot posing and catwalking all to prepare them for a fashion show in which they will star as the models!

This course is excellent for bulding confidence and self esteem whilst having lots of fun!!

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Confidence Building

65 Briarfield Road



WA15 7DD


Tel: 0161-980-2879

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Registered Charity No. 1110767

Currant Trustees

of G-Force 


Mr. Anthony Battie

Mr. Lesley Hailes

Mr.John Lee    

Mr. Philip Moody

Mr. Nicholas Sterling