Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all residents living in our target communities


We do this by providing a variety of activities and projects that:-


 are open to anyone in our community

 are inclusive in nature

promote intergenerational opportunities

 offer educational opportunities

 are informed by need

 are designed to encourage and support personal and community development

 offer accredited learning opportunities

 encourage participants to achievement

 are designed to be empowering

 develop skills and ambition

 focus on the local environment and how we can make a difference

 promote a sense of belonging and community spirit

 -use all G-Force resources to their best value


The overarching emphasis of our service to Children & Young People is in line with the NEF Initiative and the

‘Every Child Matters’ agenda, that being:- 


Five ways to wellbeing - Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learing and Give

be healthy

staying safe

enjoying and achieving

making a positive contribution

achieving economic wellbeing


All this is done so that participants are enabled to live a better quality of life and can play more important roles within their communities and wider society.



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Working Together for a Better Community

65 Briarfield Road



WA15 7DD


Tel: 0161-980-2879

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Registered Charity No. 1110767

Currant Trustees

of G-Force 


Mr. Anthony Battie

Mr. Lesley Hailes

Mr.John Lee    

Mr. Philip Moody

Mr. Nicholas Sterling