G-Force believe that everyone should join in our arts and crafts activities no matter what their age and to make things easier,

we take our activities to these who are in;


- sheltered housing

- residential homes.

- ladies groups


All arts and crafts are made to a very high standard so that the attendees are proud of their achievemnets and have something nice to hold onto as a memory or give as a gift to a loved one. Many of the works produced have won awards and have been displayed in local libraries and in displays in the centre of Altrincham.


As many of the elderly living in these homes do not get much contact with the outside world, G-Force arranges visits to the garden centre, trips to the coffee shop, or local pub as well as regular visits to an evening theatre production and other shows.


These activities enable the elderly to engage with others, have new and fresh converstations and most of all, enjoy themselves.

Work with the Elderly


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Working Together For A Better Community

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OAP Christmas Party

91 O. A. Ps enjoying the annual G-Force Christmas party.


G-Force provides that worm environment to allow those warm hearts to beat longer.

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Currant Trustees

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